Paid Marketing Campaigns (PPC)

Paid Adds more Leveraging! Doesn’t Matter as are Profitable.

What if your online business is taken, right in front of the audience whom it matters the most? And secondly, they are brought straight to your website landing pages. It is just like a fairy-tale for your ecommerce business or any online enterprise. We are making our Egapsa Digital Marketing services and solution expert in this advertising practice of PPC or pay-per-click, and CPM or cost-per-impression. These two methods are major ways of Paid Adds Campaigns in the online world.


What Paid Adds can do?

  • Well, these paid options are like a booster to scale up, fasten traffic, and generating quality leads instantly.
  • With Paid Marketing (PPC) you have many leverages like u can target any region, town, or country of your business demand or perfect potential customer which is a sure buyer.
  • It has a huge advantage of the day party system, where you are entitled to give a time of your serving, when the call timing is scheduled to come, removing a lot of discomfort to customer and online ecommerce business trader due to timing factors around the world.
  • You can be aggressive on landing pages for perusing the buyers you are mostly entitled to create your ads, free to choose the precise audiences, set your budget according to your terms, without any long term commitments.
  • In many cases, you are given the option to pay only for the ads that work.

Types of Ad Campaigns

We at Egapsa are catering very special paid ads campaign when built on social media sites it’s called Social Media Marketing like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads. And when you hire a website it is called Sponsored Posts like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Ads.

The majority of your traffic in sponsored Ads is diverted alone by Google Adwords.

Google AdWords
This is the strongest and most efficient means of paid advertisings on Google nowadays, which pays back in profit.
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Facebook Paid Campaigns
We are facilitating our clients to Text, posts, upload images, or Videos for better engagement with the desired,
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Instagram Paid Campaigns
Running with accelerated growth Instagram emerged as the most popular social app for today’s generation.
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We are well aware of the Digital Marketing Services and solution provider, growing our stature as Egapsa in Mumbai. We are well known for the Digital Marketing solution for the Paid Ads Campaigns to provide instant profit and easy traffic of buyers. As we advise properly to invest some penny, to earn many in return.

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