Instagram Paid Campaigns

Instagram Paid Campaigns

Unlike Google and Facebook, you can also accelerate your audience to reach with Instagram. Instagram is the biggest platform for creating a Brand Identity. An Advertiser can boost the post to gain the higher powers they deserve. As Instagram is the fastest growing social media app and it comes wide features to get your business visible to a large number of people.


Objectives of Egapsa with Social Media Ads

  • Generate Traffic to your Website
  • Build a Brand Identity
  • Lead Generation (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Higher Post Engagement with your post or page likes
  • Higher Conversation rates.

Five Reason to Use Egapsa Paid Advertising

  • A higher target audience reaches when you are looking for high purchase intent.
  • Paid Marketing can speed up the appearance much faster than organic search
  • PPC tends to have higher conversation rates than SEO
  • Higher command on the visiter an advertiser can achieve a high number of direct visitor to the appropriate page so, you can tightly control your activities
  • Higher prediction, all things include traffic, conversation, ranking, and search cost have a tendency to remain stable and more predictable than SEO.

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